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Alcohol Addiction Help

Drink Aware, a UK charity with a mission to promote responsible drinking, cites NHS statistics that suggest as many as 9% of all men in the UK shows signs of alcohol dependence. The number among women is closer to 4%. Both numbers are rather alarming, no matter what your view on alcohol consumption is.

The good news is that alcohol addiction does not need to be a permanent issue. There is help available from organisations like Private Rehab Helper; organisations devoted to helping addicts come clean. We are here to help regardless of what your addiction involves.

Time to Assess Your Need

Our experience has led us to the conclusion that there are far more victims of alcohol addiction than statistics suggest. Why? Because alcohol is one of those substances that people come to depend on without ever recognising they have a problem. In other words, it is socially acceptable to drink. Therefore, it is also socially acceptable to have a problem and not do something about it.

Below are some common symptoms of alcohol addiction. If you exhibit any of them, you should seriously consider contacting us for help:

  • Planning social events around alcohol availability.
  • Wondering where your next drink is coming from.
  • Abnormal compulsions to drink.
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, and/or thoughts of suicide.
  • Feeling the need to have a drink first thing in the morning.
  • Lying about your drinking habits to others.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you are unable to get a drink.

No Shame in Asking for Help

So, how did you do with the symptoms of alcohol addiction? If you suspect you might have a problem, we want you to know there is no shame in asking for help. All of us have problems from time to time; all of us need help overcoming obstacles in our lives. The thing to remember is that you need help to overcome your alcohol dependence. You cannot do it alone.

Private Rehab Helper works with some of the best clinics for alcohol addiction help. We want to assist you in getting yourself into one of these programs so that you can, once and for all, end the destructive role of alcohol in your life. Our clinics are staffed by caring and knowledgeable individuals, willing to do what it takes to help you regain control of your life.

Consequences of Not Asking

It would not be fair telling you the benefits of asking for help, without also telling you the consequences of not asking. Unfortunately, many of those consequences are severe. Consider the following:

  • Broken Relationships – Perhaps the most devastating effect of alcohol addiction is the destruction it brings to personal relationships. Alcohol destroys families, ruins marriages, and alienates friends. Is it worth trading your relationships for a bottle?
  • Financial Ruin – Like any addiction, alcoholism requires financial resources. The more you drink the less money you have to pay your bills. You are also likely to eventually lose your job, making matters worse.
  • Health Problems – If broken relationships and financial ruin are not enough to get your attention, consider the damage you are doing to your health. Alcohol addiction can lead to many health problems including cirrhosis, heart disease, anaemia, hypertension and more.

Regardless of how you started drinking, there is no viable reason for you to continue supporting an alcohol addiction. There is more to life than drinking. If you are ready to seek help, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, Private Rehab Helper is here to help you. Please take the first step to recovery by calling us today. The sooner you do, the better off you’ll be, that’s a fact.



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