Drug Detox Centres

Drug addiction is something that reaches every corner of the UK. It is something that does not discriminate based on social status, income, or any other factor. In fact, just about anyone can become addicted to drugs if he or she is not careful. When it does happen, drug detox centres can help break that addiction.

Private Rehab Helper is here to help addicts get the treatment they need by matching them with the best and most suited drug detox centres in the country. The centres we work with have a proven track record of helping drug addicts come clean. We want to help you as well, whether you are addicted to drugs or you know someone who is.

Keep in mind that drug addiction involves a wide range of substances. An individual can be addicted to:

  • ‘Starter’ drugs like Cannabis.
  • Amphetamines and Methamphetamines.
  • Synthetic drugs like ecstasy.
  • Over-the-counter and prescription medications.
  • Household solvents, adhesives, etc.

Please understand that just because a person is not hooked on crack or heroin does not mean there is no addiction present. If you are using any substances to purposely alter the state of your mind or emotions, you should be alarmed.

How Detox Can Help

The word ‘detox’ is just a shorter version of ‘detoxification’. To detoxify is to completely clean out a system of offending material. In the case of drug addiction, it is to completely rid the body of any and all addictive substances. Detox is the quickest way to be drug-free.

The drug detox centres we work with accomplish the goal of detoxification through several methods:

  • Separation – The first and most important step is to separate the drug addict from his or her substance of choice. This implies a cold turkey approach that prevents the addict from continuing to take drugs at any level.
  • Medications – In some cases, detox can be dangerous if total separation is employed. In such cases, a detox clinic may use interdictive medications to slowly wean the addict. As the process goes on, the amount of medication used is reduced.
  • Care and Monitoring – During the withdrawal process the addict typically exhibits physical discomfort and emotional stress. Most drug detox centres provide the compassionate care necessary to help the addict get through the dark days of withdrawal.

Achieving Success

The drug detox centres we work with have a great track record of success in the short term. Whether or not long-term success is achieved really depends on the client. However, if detox is not enough, we can also recommend a residential rehab program that gets to the underlying causes of addiction.

For those who are able to achieve long-term success through detox only, the entire process can be finished in about a week. Withdrawal usually begins within the first few hours, followed by gradually intensifying withdrawal symptoms through the second or third day. Those symptoms peak so that by the fourth day, the addict begins feeling better. By the end of the week, it is simply a matter of maintenance.

Private Rehab Helper reminds addicts and their families that aftercare is an important part of detox. In order to maintain a drug-free lifestyle permanently, most of our clients need at least several months of aftercare. This care can include things like counselling, group activities, and maintenance medications.

Our drug detox centres are ready and waiting to help you. We encourage you to get in touch with us right away if you or a loved one is battling any sort of drug addiction. We are here to make sure you get the help you need – please help yourself by contacting us today.