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Private Rehab Clinics

Private rehab clinics are one of the best options for receiving help with drug or alcohol addiction recovery. A private rehab clinic offers many advantages over the NHS in terms of both effectiveness and the types of programs offered. Private Rehab Helper clinics are no exception.

Our facilities are staffed by trained and caring professionals willing to do whatever it takes to help you or your loved one break the addiction cycle. In fact, we view our success only in light of yours. If we are not helping our clients achieve a substance free lifestyle, we are not doing our job.

At Private Rehab Helper, we deal with addictions involving:

  • alcohol
  • illicit drugs
  • prescription drugs
  • other non-drug agents.

Alcohol Rehab Centres

Far too often people with an alcohol addiction do not believe they are in need of rehab help. For some reason, alcohol seems to be a substance people think they can handle on their own. However, addiction is the same regardless of the substance being abused. Recovery from alcohol addiction is just as necessary as drug addiction help.

Our alcohol rehab centres are designed with the individual client in mind. Programs are specifically developed to uncover the source of addiction, teach clients how to break the cycle, and equip them to live a future free of alcohol. It is not an easy road to go down, but it is one that every alcohol abuser can successfully walk down.

Drug Rehab Centres



Our drug rehab centres are no different from our alcohol centres. In fact, the physical facilities are one and the same. Even many of the programs overlap simply because they deal with many of the same issues. The important thing is that you or your loved one gets the help necessary to break drug addiction.

What sets our centres apart is our focus on the whole person rather than just the addiction itself. We understand that drug addicts have a myriad of issues that go far beyond just the substances he or she is abusing. Our programs are designed to address those issues so that the addict enjoys long-term success.

Get Help Now

In order for rehab clinics like those offered by Private Rehab Helper to be useful, you or your loved one must get in touch with us right away. Keep in mind that the longer the addict goes without treatment, the more difficult it becomes to break the behaviour. Understand that we are here to help, regardless of your circumstances.

Our strategy at Private Rehab Helper has four components:

  • breaking the addiction cycle through separation
  • identifying and addressing underlying problems that lead to addiction
  • teaching the addict how to live a substance-free life
  • following up treatment programs with competent aftercare.

We know our strategy works because we have seen it successfully employed time after time. By going above and beyond just detox, we make it possible for drug and alcohol abusers to once again take control of their lives. What’s more, we equip them to live that way permanently.

Private Rehab Helper drug and alcohol clinics are not a business enterprise designed solely for making money for the owners. They are an enterprise with the core mission of providing private rehab treatment for anyone who needs it.

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, we urge you to get in touch with us right away. Do not worry about financial constraints or other things that might get in the way. If there is a way we can help, we will make it happen. The important thing is that you get help now – before it’s too late.



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