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What We Do

Private Rehab Helper is a confidential organisation with a single goal: to help those with addictions, and their families, get the help they need to get their lives back. To that end, we are a referral service with working relationships throughout the drug detox and rehab community.

We have solid connections with private clinics and programs located all over the UK. Some of those programs are residential in nature; others are outpatient. In addition to these programs, we also can assist you with:

  • Interventions
  • Understanding therapies
  • Emergency admissions


Before a drug or alcohol addict is willing to seek out a residential or outpatient program, he or she must first be willing to admit that they have a problem. That’s where the idea of the intervention comes in. An intervention is a scenario in which a group of family members and friends confronts the addict to make him/her aware of how serious their problem is.

Drug rehab professionals tend to agree that interventions play a critical role in encouraging the addict to seek help. However, they must be conducted within certain parameters. Interventions should be:

  • Honest and open without being accusatory
  • Based on factual reality rather than just raw emotion
  • Conducted by a unified group of family and friends
  • Conducted only if that group is willing to hold the addict accountable.

We can advise you on conducting your own intervention if you need help. In addition, there are professional organisations able to assist in conducting an intervention or at least providing further guidance.

Understanding Therapies

The contacts Private Rehab Helper receives are typically not from the addict, they come from loved ones looking to find help on behalf of someone else. By and large, these individuals do not understand the various therapy options available to them. Part of our job is to explain the options.

We also take the time to work with those who contact us to find the appropriate therapy for that circumstance. Bear in mind that not every option is right for everyone. We want to make sure each and every client receives the appropriate care; we spend the time necessary to make sure that happens.

Emergency Admissions

From time to time, a drug addict will be at the end of his or her proverbial tether both physically and emotionally. In some cases that means an emergency situation has presented itself – a situation that could prove seriously injurious or fatal to the addict if he or she is not immediately admitted to a detox and rehab program.

Private Rehab Helper has working relationships with clinics with space available for emergency admissions. Our job in this regard is to arrange those submissions in order to save the addicts life. Moreover, because we know what each clinic offers, it is easier for us to arrange an emergency admission than it is for a loved one.

Time to Act

Now that you know what we do, the question is simply whether we can help you or not. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we would at least like the opportunity to try. Our expert staff of caring and compassionate counsellors is standing by 24 hours a day.

All this requires on your part is the willingness to pick up the phone and call us. We will assess your situation, help you determine the best course of action, and then assist you in getting the wheels in motion. In no time at all you or your loved one could be enrolled in a successful detox and rehabilitation program. From there you will be on your way to a happy and productive life without addiction.



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