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Why Private Rehab?

If you are seeking help for a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem, you can certainly avail yourself of the services offered by the NHS. The services may include outpatient programs, detox services, counselling and more. However, you can also avail yourself of programs offered by private rehab clinics.

The question then becomes one of why you should choose private rehab over public services. After all, we all pay enough into the NHS system. We should be able to expect a reasonable return on that money. Unfortunately, that return is rarely seen when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Types of Services Offered

In all fairness, the NHS has the responsibility of dealing with a virtually unlimited scope of diseases, illnesses, injuries and so on. To expect them to be focused enough on drug and alcohol rehab to provide the best programs possible is simply not reasonable. They cannot do it.

That said, the NHS does offer:

  • limited counselling
  • detox services
  • outpatient (day) programs
  • interdictive medications.

In rare cases when a weeklong detox program is sufficient for long-term success, NHS services are adequate. Nevertheless, those cases are rare. Most drug and alcohol abusers need lengthy rehabilitation followed by aftercare. That’s what the private rehab clinic offers.

Residential Treatment

The cornerstone of the private rehab clinic is residential treatment. If you are not familiar with this concept, it is one of providing comprehensive drug or alcohol rehabilitation through a program designed to separate the addict from his/her normal circumstances.

In order to accomplish this, residential programs require the client to come live at the facility for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. During that time, the addict goes through normal detox prior to beginning additional treatment therapies. By the time the program is complete the addict should be well on his/her way to a life free of addiction.

Many of the clinics we work with are isolated from mainstream society in order to make the separation complete. Only when the drug or alcohol abuser is separated from normal life can he or she begin to deal with the real issues of drug and alcohol abuse. And trust us when we say those issues run deep.

Counselling and Coping

Private rehab usually involves both one-on-one and group counselling. These counselling sessions accomplish two things. First off, they address the emotional and mental issues related to addiction. In so doing, the counselling helps the addict identify the core issues of his or her addiction so that they can learn to deal with them.

The second thing counselling provides is the support of others in the same situation. Group counselling can be a very powerful motivator in teaching the addict to change their behaviour. When combined with group social activities, group counselling can be even more powerful. The idea behind group activities is to show the drug addict that he/she can enjoy life without the use of illicit substances.

Aftercare Opportunities

One of the other glaring differences between NHS and private rehab is the use of aftercare. NHS programs tend to be one off in nature, meaning that the individual client is forgotten as soon as their program is completed. That is neither healthy nor productive.

A private rehab clinic arranges for aftercare once the initial treatment program has been completed. Aftercare can go for a few months and consists of continued counselling, group activities, and support.

If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, we strongly urge you to consider private rehab if you can afford it. Trust us when we say that the long-term success private rehab achieves makes it well worth the cost.



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