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Emergency Admissions

There are a number of private drug and alcohol rehab centres around the UK. Some of them offer emergency admissions; others do not. Emergency admissions are those scenarios in which the addict needs immediate help in order to prevent serious injury or death. If you need an emergency admission for yourself or a loved one, it’s easier to let us arrange it than for you and try do-it-yourself.

Private Rehab Helper works with private clinics all over the country. Our working relationships with these clinics enables us to know what each clinic offers at any given time. You could waste many valuable hours searching for emergency admissions on your own, or you can call us. When you call us, we spring to action right away.

How It Works

Admission into a drug or alcohol rehab program is different from one clinic the next. The individual addict may need a GP referral for some clinics; others may require something else. The emergency admissions process works to streamline those requirements in order to get the addict in as quickly as possible.

When you contact us we will let you know what is immediately available as close to you as possible. We will also walk you through the process of arranging admission for yourself or a loved one. Many times this can be done online. When a phone call is required, we will let you know exactly who to contact.

A successful emergency admission will normally result in you or your loved one being accepted as soon as you can physically make it to the facility. In most cases, treatment can begin within 24 to 48 hours. This type of speed is essential to an emergency admissions scenario, so take advantage of it if you are facing that sort of situation.

Payment Options

Unfortunately, one of the things we cannot avoid talking about with emergency admissions is paying for your care. While a single residential program at a private clinic will not necessarily break the bank, it is also not free. The private clinics we work with offer a number of payment options, including:

  • cash
  • personal cheque
  • credit and debit cards.

Should you choose to pay using a personal cheque some clinics require the funds to clear before they will admit the patient. Again, this is something we can help you with.

Private Rehab Helper wants you to call us even if you do not think you can afford the cost of private treatment. There may be a way we can help if you do not have access to funds. Besides which, there are other options you can look at including various UK charities, pool funds from a group of generous family members and friends, and even seeking commercial financing help.

Contact Us Right Away

Now that you know a little bit about emergency admissions and financing, the next step is for you to contact us. We want to help you or your loved one regain control by breaking the addiction. However, we cannot help if you do not act. In other words, we cannot force anyone to get the help they need. We can only respond when addicts or their families reach out to us.

The Private Rehab Helper staff is competent, fully trained, and ready to get to work for you right now. When you call, you find a compassionate and caring individual on the other end; someone who understands the pain you are going through. Please take the first step in regaining control by picking up the phone and calling us. We promise to do everything within our power to get you or your loved one the help you need.



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